Father Figure, una canzone da dedicare al papà

That’s all I wanted
something special, something sacred-
in your eyes
for just one moment
to be bold and naked
at your side

sometimes I think that you’ll never
understand me
maybe this time is forever
say it can be

that’s all you wanted
something special, someone sacred-
in your life
just for one moment
to be warm and naked
at my side

sometimes I think that you’ll never
understand me
but something tells me together
we’d be happy

I will be your father figure
(oh baby)
put your tiny hand in mine
(I’d love to)
I will be you preacher teacher
(be your daddy)
anything you have in mind
(it would make me)
I will be you father figure
(very happy)
I have had enough of crime
(please let me)
I will be the one who loves you-
until the end of time

that’s all I wanted
bu sometimes love can be mistaken
for a crime
that’s all I wanted
just to see my baby’s
blue eyed shine
this time I think that my lover
understands me
if we have faith in each other
then we can be


if you are the desert
I’ll be the sea
if you ever hunger
hunger for me
whatever you ask for
that’s what I’ll be…

so when you remember the ones who have lied
who said that they cared
but then laughed when you cried
beautiful darling
don’t think of me

because all I ever wanted
it’s in you eyes baby, baby
and love can’t lie, no…
(greet me with the eyes of a child)
my love is always telling me so…
(heaven is a kiss and a smile)
just hold on, hold on
I won’t let you go, my baby


I will be your father
I will be your preacher
I’ll be your daddy
I will be the one who loves you
until the end of time

(George Michael)


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